DotComBridge.Net launches new website.

W32/Sobig.f@MM is a High Risk worm.

TelMeNet Online goes international. Now in Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Western Europe.

"Your Success is Ours!"
Become our Franchisee and offer our services world-wide. For details, contact us. 


Our company is delivering web hosting, internet access, networking and communications services and infrastructure for customers in more than 180 countries. Our high bandwidth connection is fastest most reliable you will find from top tier web hosting providers. All our servers and the components that make up our network are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We seek customer satisfaction in all aspects of our services. Starting at high quality web hosting, with feature-rich plans at affordable prices and superior technical support.

Why Choose US?

There are many reasons you should consider to host your site with us for, some of them are:

-Quick Response to Email:
We have a quick response to email. Sometimes we respond within 30 minutes and even less. Whatever department you are sending email to, rest assured that your email will be answered as fast as we can.
-Helpful Technical Support:
Our technical support team always tries to solve your problems and answer your questions. We always try to help, not only with problems regarding your account, but also with any technical issue that may arise in your work. Sometimes we provide links to sites that may help answer your question. We always suggest solutions.
-Manageability of Your Account:
Your web hosting account is easily managed through online control panel. You can easily manage your email accounts, mailing lists, forwarding, aliases, SSL, CGI, PHP, ASP, MySQL databases, FTP, FrontPage, etc...
Your account is easily upgraded with the growth of your business.  It is always easy to do by simply sending us an email.

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