DotComBridge.Net launches new website.

W32/Sobig.f@MM is a High Risk worm.

TelMeNet Online goes international. Now in Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Western Europe.

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Data Center

Our data center has been providing services since 1995. We're one of the largest ISPs in our coverage area, which ranges from Massachusetts to Washington DC, with our core market focus in New York and New Jersey. The recent addition of our London Point of Presence (POP) extends our services into Europe. We provide a wide range of Internet services to tens of thousands of business, residential, and educational customers.

We have built and we maintain one of the largest and most fault tolerant networks in the region, composed of a full mesh of OC3 (155 Megabit) and OC12 (622 Megabit) links throughout our coverage area. We connect to Internet backbones at our redundant data centers in Northern NJ and NYC, linking directly to most of the major networks, including Sprint, UUNET, Cable & Wireless, PSI, AOL, Level 3, Genuity, and many others. Our network infrastructure is maintained by our Network Operations Center (NOC) in Parsippany, NJ, which is staffed by our experienced technicians, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With this combination of superior network and service, we are able to provide a high quality regional network on par with the national networks, while still providing our customers with all the advantages of a local company.

Data Center

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